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Introducing our New X-CEL IGNITE, our Fat burner...

At X-CEL not only do we supply you with top grade products what separates us from the rest is that we actually show you how to successfully use our products that we feel need extra instruction in today's information polluted fitness and supplement industry and our premium fat burner is no exception.

We've developed a very potent formula with you in mind. A lot of our research and feedback for people on weight loss journeys and athletes preparing for shows frequently mentioned the effects of the riggers and stresses on the body and mind while training to achieve their goals while energy being lower so we listened!! We purposely added Curicumen which is the main benefit giving compound in Turmeric which gives strong anti inflammatory effects, we felt this is very important as we loose weight and fat as our availability of nutrients and energy to recover properly from heavy training can be impaired so over training and injury are likely if left unchecked .

How many of us have gone along the path to success only to be stopped not by our effort but by injury or burn out stopping us getting there at at X-cel we don't that happening to you. Also its well known the Curicumen has a strong effect on mood enhancement via the process of modulating monoaminergic action, which is responsible for regulating neurotransmitters, namely dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. We felt this would be an invaluable part of a supplement for our more elite athletes as you all know that being at very low body fat levels and being deprived in some way in nutrition can certainly damper our days.

Most companies develop a generic supplement to sell but we took your opinions into account for what you actually wanted and especially with our sister companies clients at fitness matters and we want you to succeed which is why we tell you how supplements are ACTUALLY supposed to be used.

For our X-CEL IGNITE, you must integrate it into your nutrition plan (maybe another link in future here for plans for weight loss), yes you heard me right


In weight loss and for a fat burner it's really quite simple, you must be in an energy deficit to loose fat and or weight . If you consume 2500 calories a day its recommended you take 500 cal less a day to loose 1-2 lbs weight a week approximately so that's 2000 cal a day here .

A fat burner will do a few things, encourage release of fat as energy to use working out, reduce absorption or fat and also increase a process call thermogenesis which increases your metabolism to burn more calories and lucky for you unlike others ours actually does all 3 ways to maximise your results.

Now say you don't record your food and you've ate 3000 cal and you need 2000 cal a day to loose weight what do you think would happen? Well it takes roughly another 500 cal extra a day to gain 1-2 lbs a week so at best guess you'll have actually put on weight and all your hard workouts haven't led to weight loss and your frustrated. Next you've taken 2500 cal, well here is a situation were your energy balance is the same and if all other things are the same in your life like effort and energy burned at work and exercise then chances are you will weigh the same.

HOWEVER if you are taking X-CEL IGNITE the extra calories it will burn to fire up your metabolism and encourage those cells in your body to release that unwanted fat to fuel your workouts and success along with a suitable amount of exercise you'll get to that energy deficit and loose weight and fat. The truth is no fat burner will out perform an excessive and unhealthy nutrition plan but taking X-CEL Ignite and exercising and eating properly will.

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