About Us



My name is Mark McAlone and I am the Founder of X-Cel Fitness Ltd. 

As with a lot of things in our lives, we meet situations and circumstances that don't suit us as we would like, and we do not have the option we would like available to us.  I'm sure many of you will agree with me that health and nutrition is one of those areas. This trend has been apparent all through my working career. 

I have been a combination of personal trainer and therapist for over 12 years.  First of all came fitness as I felt locally people had no quality personal guidance to teach them how to exercise successfully to not waste people's precious energy, money and time.

Next came injury therapy as I personally was met with years of frustration from injuries obtained in my teens before my fitness career. This led me to train and educate myself in various techniques to help myself and others who were met with the same frustrations as me.  I'm sure all you out there that are passionate about getting the most from your body in whatever sport or discipline you are taking part in know that this can bring unhappiness and frustration.

Eventually along the path of my life and business developing, I've seen another issue that my clients were not happy about - PROTEIN POWDER QUALITY!

I could see a growing theme from people that the proteins had too low grams per serving (my protein with a high % of only protein and no cheap fillers or too many carbs or fat will be over 23g per 30g serving), too high in sugar, too high in fat, my stomach hurts from gluten intolerance, the flavours taste chemically or too sweet, and the list goes on.

This for me was a problem as my clients could not meet their protein needs on a daily basis to meet their goals of fat loss, recovery and muscle gain if they can't take a supplement, as we all know a lot of you are so, so busy nowadays, we simply have not got the time to prepare 6 or 7 protein meals a day.  So for them and me, I sought a solution and so, X-Cel Fitness was born.  

From the lesson I learned with my clients and protein supplements, it taught me to really look at how I could improve on products and services for people.  

All of you that go to a good trainer know that they will give you a good analysis every so often on your statistics to keep you on track in terms of your measurements of your body, muscle mass, blood sugar levels and very importantly, fat %.  All this to me was great as I liked giving people useful feedback but then one day a client asked me "But how do I know if my stats are possibly good and if I could be in a fat burning state when I am not being assessed on a daily basis?"

From this comment I asked myself "there must be a way people can optimise how long they stay in a fat loss state by having feedback to be able to check if their nutrition and exercise is correct for them and also monitor other statistics".  So I developed X-Cel Fitness urine test strip and I have to say my clients love being able to self check and have that bit more control over their lives and circumstances.