X-CEL Fitness Urine Test Strips

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X-CEL Fitness Urine Test Strips (100 strips) for 11 parameter testing

These urine test strips are an accurate, simple and convenient way of monitoring your statistics in the comfort of your own home.

Test for:

  • Ketones (present in fat burning)
  • Bilirubin (a marker of possible liver health)
  • Leukocytes (can be an indication of a urinary tract infection)
  • Nitrite (can be an indication of a urinary tract infection)
  • Urobilinogen (can be a marker for liver disease)
  • Protein (can be a marker for kidney disease)
  • pH (can be an indicator of overall health and likelihood for kidney stones)
  • Blood (can be a marker for possible disease)
  • Glucose (a way to monitor your urine for diabetes and renal glycosuria)
  • Specific gravity (an indicator of hydration levels in the body)
  • Micro albumin (a possible indicator of kidney health)

Use within 3 months of opening to ensure optimum accuracy.

Use at the same time of day and the same length of time after a meal to help standardise results.

Can be used more than once a day and this may be particularly useful in monitoring being in a fatloss state.